My focus is in building upon the current forward momentum that has been started by a number of forward thinking residents, business owners, and area stakeholders.

I have 5 basic goals.

1.  Increase Revenues/Balance the Budget.

2.  Reduce Crime.

3.  Restore Civility to the City Council.

4,  Increase Youth Activities.

5.  Improve Quality of Life for Seniors and Residents.


How Does Yvonne Propose to Bring a Sustainable Balanced Budget to Desert Hot Springs?

There is a drastic need to expand retail development which in turn will increase sales taxes to the City.

We must establish an aggressive Economic Development Committee

We must follow up with interested investors from 2 years ago and encourage them to return to DHS and complete their projects.

Establish rapport with Walmart, as expressed by many residents, to encourage project completion.

Keep our City clean with less crime that will encourage new homeowners to invest in DHS to allow for increased property values that will result in increased property tax revenue to the City. This will also make DHS more desirable for developers to complete existing housing developments and bring in new development.

Sales tax and Property tax are two o the highest revenue sources for the City.

There must also be an aggressive grant writing program for police activities and city infrastructure.

When many of our residents were unfortunate in losing their jobs due to the worst recession in 60 years and many of these residents losing their homes to foreclosure, the City suffered also.

50% loss of projected property tax and a loss in sales tax resulted in a devastating deficit of over $4 million.

With a dedicated team working together to bring in new businesses, new jobs and added revenue, we can overcome.

Together we must establish a vision.  What do we want our city to look like in 5, 10 and 20 years.

Set goals with benchmarks to track our success and work together to make our vision a reality!


What is Yvonne’s View on Public Safety?

When we reduce crime our city will be more attractive to new home-buyers and investors.

It is a must to raise revenue through new business and grants so that our officers can be paid a competitive wage.  Implement an aggressive grant writing program.

Work with the Chief to implement Community Based Policing to get more community involvement.

Add additional officers as budget allows.

Continue Parole sweeps to ensure adherence to rules of parole.

Target high crime areas and assign unmarked cars to patrol these areas as a deterrent to crime and as proactive policing.

Work with Chief to encourage enforcement of gang injunction ordinances.

Continue to work with the Coachella Valley Crime Task Force.

Our Chief Dale Mondary wants the best for our City.  The Mayor and Council must provide whatever he needs within budget constraints to allow implementation of the many conditions cited above to reduce crime.

What is Yvonne’s Plan for Youth?

We must keep our youth active to keep them off the streets, out of the clutch of gangs and trouble.

There are many activities that can be attractive to the youth.  The following activities are a starting point:

PAL (police activity league)  Working with the police force to organize internships, create a reserve program, create a boxing academy and organized teams for basketball, golf, baseball and soccer.

Encourage expansion of rising star academy located in old boys and girls club at 8th and Cactus to include trade school programs such as HVAC and auto mechanics.

Continue emphasis on Career Pathways academic programs.  Inform students beginning as freshman in High School to determine if there is a pathway for an occupation they would be interested in pursuing.  Educate them that every high school in PSUSD has pathways for different occupations.  I, e, culinary arts, theater, health services, police academy, wind/solar industry, film and TV production,  etc. and they can attend whichever school that offers the training they are interested in. Work closely with counselors to reach out to the students.

This Program offers them an opportunity to learn a specific skill and go on into that field after graduation or after some necessary college credits and stay local.

Seek out businesses that provide activities for youth.  As an example an Incredible John’s Pizza.  This is built under one large roof.  Half is food court and rooms for family gatherings, birthday, anniversaries. Etc. The other half includes 2 lane bowling alley, bumper cars and every possible arcade game available.

Also promote an indoor miniature golf facility.

We must think outside the box.  Our youth are our future.  They deserve a chance to be successful without feeling that gang affiliation is their only “family”.


I want the Council to establish 5, 10 and 20 year goals with specific targets to determine our ongoing success.